Harley Davidson Ibiza Reifen

Terms & Conditions for Harley Rentals by US MOTOS


  1. He/she has examined the vehicle and finds it to be in perfect working order.
  2. The vehicle is the property of the lessor and must be returned to the same from which it was hired and in exactly the same condition and at the finalisation of the duration of this contract.
  3. He/she is the only person authorised to drive this motorcycle and under no circumstances will he/she allow any other person to drive same, unless expressly authorised by US MOTOS IBIZA.
  4. the vehicle may not be used to complete in competitions or races.
  5. He/she will comply with all existing Spanish traffic and parking laws, and will be solely responsible for whatsoever fines may be impose for the comission of infractions.
  6. He/she will not drive the vehicle under the influence of  DRUGS, ALCOHOL or any other kind of STIMULANTS OR TOXIC SUBSTANCES.


  1. In case of any kind of accident he/she must contact US MOTOS IBIZA.
  2. He/she will comply with all the requirements, conditions, limitations and exceptions contained in the third party insurance policy taken out by the lessor. The acceptance of this policy by the lessee is obligatory, and he/she may not use the vehicle in    such a way that the benefits of the policy may be invalidated. A copy of this policy is at the disposal of the lessee in the lessor’s offices.
  3. He/she may not make ANY kind of claim against the lessor, its employees or insurance companies for damage caused to persons or objects except those covered by the insurance policy mentioned in 2B.
  4. He/she may not make ANY kind of claim against the lessor, its employees or insurance companies for physical or mental damage which he/she might suffer as a result of using the vehicle.
  5. He/she accepts full responsibility for ANY damage the vehicle might suffer and will pay the total cost to cover whatsoever the damages might be.
  6. He/she accepts full responsibility for robbery of the vehicle or any of ist component parts UNDER WHATSOEVER CIRCUMSTANCES, and will pay the full cost of whatsoever robbery might occur.


  1. That he/she will be fully responsible for any damage, loss and defects which he/she might cause to the vehicle whether his/her fault or that or thirt parties,     due to the violation of the conditions of the present contract, or the violation of the conditions in the respectives insurance policies.


  • There is a policy in the US MOTOS IBIZA offices at the disposal of clients which sets out the benefits and conditions, US MOTOS IBIZA expressly declares and the lessee thus recognises that the following are excluded from the insurance:
    1. Damage caused to objets in possession of the lessee or of those persons for whom the lessee is responsible.
    2. Death or injuries suffered by the lessee, and the spouse, ascendants, descendants, blood brothers/sisters and relations of the lessee or driver.
    3. The lesse’s partners and those linked to him/her by a work relationship.
    4. Administrative and penal sanctions.


  1. In the case of accident the lessee is obliget NOT TO MOVE the vehicle from the place in which the accident occurs without previous authorisation from US MOTOS IBIZA, and not to make any kind of agreement in respect of same.
  2. In case of a breakdown during the rental period, this should be communicated to US MOTOS IBIZA who undertake to attend to the vehicle during working hours. In any case the lessee may not leave the vehicle abandoned unless US MOTOS IBIZA authorise him/her to do so.
  3. The lessee may only drive on asphalted roads: failure to comply with this norm will result in the loss of the deposit.

Harley Davidson Motorbike in front of Marina Botafoch
Motorbike in front of Marina Botafoch